cover for ebook... YOU can... Serve Savory Chii, and Soups to Your Family and Guests... Recipes and Tips -- Your 'Key" to Healthly Eating... and... S T R E T C H I N G   Your Food Budget. (includes color art work showing foods which go into the production of these hearty soups and tasty chili recipes.

If you cringe when you hear the words "What's for dinner"...

Have you considered using low cost recipes of soups/chili to serve your family or guests healthy, hearty, meals... money saving recipes like in this e-book... tasty chili recipes, and hearty soup recipes... for meal ideas... frugal budget recipes enabling you to really s t r e t c h your family's food dollars.

Sometimes it seems like we spend a LOT of time, and effort, just trying to come up with "something" for dinner tonight, doesn't it? No wonder there's a temptation to frequent fast food restaurants - doing this is 'quicker' (but less healthy, and far more costly) than to plan meals - shop for groceries, and cook. However... your meal planning CAN be easier for you. Consider the useful expertise in cooking you'd be able to 'draw upon' by owning this very modestly priced 'helpmate'...

"You can... Serve Low Cost Savory Chili, and Soups to Your Family and Guests Recipes and Tips -- Your Key to Healthy Eating" (and... Effectively S t r e t c h i n g Your Family Food Budget)!

This ebook (and its highly rated Kindle-book version on ... you can 'open' and 'view' the first twenty-five pages of IT 'on-line'), contains over 275 soups and chili recipes (and more).They've been carefully combined together for you into a unique e-cookbook designed for your enjoyable viewing, and ease of use... providing you with many ways to serve delicious, nutritious, cost-saving soups and chili meals to your family and guests.

Soup IS Good Food!

Many years ago, a well known maker of soups made the assertion that soup is good food. They were right on the money too.

Of course when some folks started pointing out certain facts like high sodium levels in their soups, they 'kind of' looked like they had their own foot in their mouths. But overall they had an excellent point, and... the research to back it up...

While still a mystery to science - even 'hard-nosed' researchers have to agree.... Grandma's chicken soup seems to work wonders on sick children and adults alike.

Research seems to indicate most families who eat soups of all kinds - not just Grandma's Chicken Soup - tend to live better, healthier lives. So even if chicken soup is not your 'favorite', you can still benefit.

So what's in the ebook?

In short... a wealth of healthy soup recipes, and food 'tips' awaits you! Inside you'll find recipes for:

Chicken Soups

Beef Soups
Vegetable Soups
Seafood Soups

Noodle Soups

Turkey Soups
Bean Soups
And More,,,!

You'll find sooo many hearty soup and savory chili recipes you won't run out of tasty dinner ideas for a VERY long while. There's an extensive collection of...

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